Spiritual Guidance in Today’s World: It is true that in today’s hectic yet authentic society, individuals’ formation in faith and spirituality is sometimes inadequate. However, the Almighty has already devised a plan for each individual. However, in this world, it is unquestionably difficult to be committed to the truth and spirituality. It is critical to recognize that God has also made some laws and principles for each and every human being, which implies that God’s laws and principles apply to all people of all ages. There is no living entity that can cross the walkway unless these laws are followed. Those who refuse to comply will be severely punished. Spiritual direction can help you navigate through difficult times.

Remember, God and his ways are eternal and true regardless of the newest thoughts of modern culture. In Catholic Spiritual Counseling (Direction), the ultimate aim is to help individuals to comprehend that how Holy Spirit is leading one’s life, and how God has already unfolded many things that the individuals require to know in the Holy Bible and in the official Catholic Spiritual Counseling in the Church.

For a Catholic, it is very important to understand and learn to meditate upon the truths that the Almighty has already revealed. But, before we start to believe in anything (spiritual direction), it is necessary to know every possible thing that is related to it. So, to give you peace of mind, in this blog, we will discuss what exactly Spiritual Direction is and what God has said in the Bible, in other words, Two Spiritual Direction from the Almighty’s Word.

So, let’s begin

What is Spiritual Direction?

In general, the Spiritual Direction is the practice of individuals who tries to deepen their relationship with God or to learn and flourish in their own personal spirituality. An individual who seeks Spiritual Direction often shares his or her encounter that they have with God. There are people who even enroll themselves for Catholic Spiritual Counseling, and this is because the Spiritual Counseling focuses on the person’s spiritual side. In addition to this, some individuals also seek the guidance of Catholic Spiritual Counselors when they are in need of solving their problems based on spiritual beliefs.

God’s Words

Quotes are from the “Douay-Rhenish translation of the Bible” –a Catholic translation that is not under copyright.

How to be happy

Psalm 1:1-3:

“The man is blessed, who has not walked in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stood in the way of sinners, nor perched in the chair of Black Death: But his faith is in the laws and principles of the GOD, he shall meditate Night and Day. And he shall be moulding himself just like a tree stands near the running waters, which shall give its fruit in the due season. And his leaf shall not fall off, and all whatever he will do shall go well.

Trust In God

Proverbs 3:5-6:

“With all the heart, have trust and confidence in God and lean not upon their own judgment. In every possible way, think about him, and he will show you the correct path.”

So, these were two spiritual directions given by God in the Bible. However, there are plenty of words that can help individuals to get their life back on track. In case if you are also dealing with some issues and thinking about enrolling yourself for Catholic Spiritual Counseling, trust the words of the Divine that your counselor will quote.




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