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Catholic Therapy VS Secular Therapy

Catholic Therapy Do you know the distinction between secular and Catholic counselors? We look at the individual as a whole, assessing mind, body, and spirit. Our ontological perspective acknowledges. The importance of the individual as an image and likeness of God, destined to develop and achieve in life.

Catholic Marriage Counseling Helping You Discover The Meaning & Purpose Of Life

Catholic Marriage Counseling entails accepting the ontological component that represents God’s spirituality and likeness. Every person is part of God’s flawless design. Discover the meaning and purpose of life, and unleash your potential for success. Empirical study shows that religion has a favorable effect on self-perception and self-worth. A well-established belief system helps to professional, family, and relationship stability. Catholic psychologists assist clients in strengthening and developing their belief systems. As well as providing coping methods. For obstacles and making informed decisions.

Getting To The Heart Of The Matter

Rather than viewing suffering as an evil to be avoided and working to alleviate. It by reducing symptoms immediately. Catholic therapy aims to get to the heart of the matter. God can redeem our sufferings. With this fundamental truth in mind as a. Catholic therapist and furthermore, I work with my clients to aid this process and, in doing so, allow for true healing. By fully integrating a person’s body and spirit, freedom follows. At CM Therapy Solutions and my Catholic marriage counseling services provide ongoing support to the local community through affordable quality therapy with a unique perspective that upholds our Catholic faith’s richness. Understanding that each person has God-given dignity and inherent goodness, I accompany my clients on their journey toward healing and change.

Providing Solution-Focused Catholic Counseling In Florida

Are you looking for Catholic therapists in Miami? Get in touch with me at CM Therapy Solutions. I provide counseling from a Catholic perspective for individuals, couples, and families to collaboratively establish goals considering the physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of life.