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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional co-dependency, dysfunctional relationship
I firmly believe in many cases that anxiety, low self-esteem and depression are triggered by emotional co-dependency in relationships. In other words, you don’t need the approval of others to function, but first the approval of yourself! Also, psychological distress derives from emotional disappointments and frustrations that inevitably occur in the family life and relationships. Being an elite Catholic therapist in Florida, I can help you to increase the ability to identify your own emotions as well the emotions of others and be able to experience freedom and more confidence in yourself.

Wise Parenting

Dealing effectively with children & teens
For me, parenting is one of the most crucial and important tasks in life. Our first caregivers determine our way to see reality and the meaning of being a person. Good mental health depends on children receiving continuous care and love. Through Catholic counseling, you might integrate interactive communication patterns, validation, patience, and boundaries with your children. Also, I will help you to understand the level of attachment, awareness and roles’ behavior inside your family system.

Spiritual Growth

Low self-esteem, lack of trust and knowledge of God
“It is not an easy task to walk on this earth and find peace” (Ronal Rolheiser, 2000). To have faith is a continuous work of the mind and the soul. Faith is not going to appear like magic, you have to work and search! We sometimes feel restless, dissatisfied, and frustrated with our existence. Desire is always stronger than satisfaction. As your Florida Catholic counseling therapist, I can start a journey with you immersing in the profound wisdom of the scriptures with one of the most effective techniques called Lectio Divina. I will integrate this technique in session learning from scripture how to live wisely every day and increase trust in the Infinite mercy of God. Besides, I also arrange Catholic spiritual retreats in Florida that will refresh and revitalize your mind and soul, help you leave all distractions behind, and allow you to deepen your relationship with what is Divine.

Healthy Relationship

Couple therapy: dysfunctional relationships & toxic emotional cycles “Understanding the dignity of each person and the capacity of constant self-giving is the essential knowledge of human existence”. This is an elemental statement that I wish every couple could understand and put it into practice. Unfortunately, most couples have a vague comprehension about marriage and love. I can help couples learn effective techniques through Catholic spiritual counseling, including self-differentiation, healthy boundaries, and family genogram to comprehend multi-generational transmission of behaviors. These interventions might help you to reduce dysfunctional emotional cycles, verbal abuse, poor sexual engagement, lack of dialogue and emotional distance between you and your partner. Love does not maintain marriage, but marriage maintains love!


Anxiety. Depression. Addiction.
Our perception of reality can be distorted subjectively. People sometimes have an unrealistic sense of the self and their strengths producing irrational beliefs. Have you asked yourself, “Do I have the right perception of myself? Why am I feeling depressed or anxious?” Choices about specific behavior may be linked to deeper issues of meaning and identity. Consequently, these perceptions and behaviors can be unhealthy and dysfunctional converting into endless loops. We can be trapped with moderate or chronic anxiety, depression and binging habits, and working on such problems with the help of the best anxiety therapist in your area can bring great results. Through Catholic spiritual counseling and anxiety therapy, I can help you to modify irrational thinking and beliefs with effective mindfulness techniques to reduce symptoms and find new ways to cope with daily stressors. My counseling methods and approaches have proven to be very effective and helpful in reducing the symptoms of anxiety disorders. So, you can also call me your anxiety counseling therapist.

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Mental Health Counseling

Resolve The Trauma, and Free Yourself!Seeking mental health. Counseling is the first step towards the journey of healing.

mental health counseling

Spiritual Direction

Just like you have physical exercises to strengthen the body, like running, swimming, and walking.

Catholic Therapy

Catholic therapy has this ontological dimension that embraces the spirituality and likeness of God.

mental health therapist

Group Counseling Services

Group counseling is typically conducted with a group of six to ten people and led by our counselor.

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What Our Client Says

I.A Art Director

My experience with Carolina was meaningful. I appreciated the time she had for me and the time to explore we had together. I learn different tools to improve and achieve my goals. She treated me with a lot of respect and she always showed her interest in helping me. I take with me many tips that I will try to put into practice. Thank you so much! I will miss you..

J.Z Therapist

Estoy muy agradecido por haber tenido a Carolina como mi terapista, ella me ayudo en momentos muy duros en mi vida, y supo guiarme y direccionarme por el camino correcto y adecuado para enfrentar las diferentes situaciones que se presenten en este duro y largo camino. Pero lo que me parece más importante resaltar es que este camino que Carolina me presento es un camino de cara a Dios, lo que me genero mucha paz.

A.T Beautician

"Struggling with spiritual warfare that led to psychological issues. How do I know Carolina’s led by the Holy Spirit to assist patients with spiritual direction? Because each session includes divine confirmation. I’m moved to buy a certain book, and at session she shows me she just bought the same book! I’m moved to record a beautiful hymn from church to help me with anxiety, and at session she says she’s texting me calming religious music to add to my daily prayer! I feel safe divulging Anything with Carolina. Through truth and guidance we’re working to discern what’s happening in my psychological & spiritual life so I can find peace and direction."

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